Alissa Bultz
Credentials M.Ed. McGill University
(Educational Psychology)

B.A. Concordia University
(Early Childhood & Elementary Education, Graduated with distinction)

B.A. University of Calgary

Ontario College of Teachers Certification
Contact Phone: (514) 691-8357
alissa [at] educationalsolutions [dot] ca
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In today's world a child who does not achieve his or her maximum potential will be confronted by multiple limits throughout their life. Too many students are struggling-not because they can't learn, but because the way they are "wired" is not meshing with the way they are being taught. Research into learning difficulties has yielded and continues to develop new and innovative approaches to helping children accomplish educational successes.

As an experienced and innovative teacher and educational consultant specializing in Special Needs, I offer a full range of assessment and remedial programs based on the unique needs of each and every child.